Corporate Law

We advise our clients on the formation of commercial companies or non-profit organisations, assist them in implementing the growth strategy of their enterprise (financing operations, change of legal form, introduction of investors).

We offer them a service and follow-up throughout the life of their entity, providing input on all the issues of corporate law likely to arise (organisation of governance and management of the decision-making bodies, approval of the corporate accounts, compliance with imperative corporate law procedures, etc.).

Upstream, our firm advises clients in their best interests and contributes the necessary enlightenment to enable them to make the most appropriate choices for the nature and scale of their project (legal form, amount and kind of contributions, shareholder value priorities, etc.).

We also assist our clients with having their companies listed on the stock exchange (regulated or organised market).

Our interventions:

- Formation of companies and non-profit organisations, structuring (contributions of securities, subsidiaries) of groups of companies,

- Securing of shareholder relations by implementing shareholder pacts and other extra-statutory agreements,

- Share ownership of employees and managers, in collaboration with the labour legislation department,

- Operations on equity capital (increases or reductions, etc.),

- Issuing of complex securities,

- Management of intra-group relations (analysis of flows, formalisation of intra-group agreements, such as cash flow or service provision agreements),

- Corporate governance (drafting of rules of procedure, set up of specialist committees, etc.),

- Advice to managers on their status, performance of their official duties, the structuring of their assets,

- Monitoring of corporate life (preparation of and assistance with meetings of the corporate bodies, drafting of minutes, etc.)

For listed companies, we provide assistance inter alia on compliance with their obligations and those of their managers.