VINCI Avocats

VINCI Avocats

VINCI Avocats
Social Letigation

VINCI Avocats
Commercial Leases

VINCI Avocats
Criminal law and criminal corporate law

VINCI Avocats

VINCI Avocats
Fiscal matters

VINCI Avocats

VINCI Avocats
Commercial litigation

VINCI Avocats

VINCI Avocats
Capital investissement

VINCI Avocats

VINCI Avocats

VINCI Avocats
Private equity

The firm

Vinci was founded in 2001, to specialise in the various domains of business law and the life of corporations.

The teams
Competent and responsive

Composed of lawyers and experienced legal experts, our teams work both in providing advisory services and counsel, and in litigation. The complementary nature of our skills allows us to respond swiftly and dynamically to the specific problems facing our clients on the ground.

The Firm
Preferential partner

Our organisation aims to be the preferential partner of our clients, ensuring they receive close follow-up and support on a daily basis and in the development phases. Our clients are mainly business companies and major corporations, whether listed or not.

All sectors of business corporation law

Specialised in business law, we intervene in all the domains involved, including mergers-acquisitions, PLA, Labour legislation, commercial litigation, criminal corporate law, inheritance law and real estate legislation.

Cross-disciplinary and complementary

Offering a cross-disciplinary approach to the difficulties encountered, the human size of our firm favours active attentiveness, providing support in the strategic development of projects, while at the same time contributing the appropriate legal response.

Our credo
made by Vinci

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Céline Gleize

Virginie Bouchet

Individually, no single one of us knows what we all know together


If you fight you may lose, but if you do not fight you have already lost - Bertolt Brecht


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Céline Gleize - VINCI Avocats


  • Nathalie Malkes Koster

    Avocat au Barreau de Paris, Of Counsel
    DEA Droit privé général, Paris-II Chargée d’enseignement à Paris-Dauphine
  • Mikaël Derhy

    Avocat au Barreau de Paris depuis 2003
    DESS Fiscalité de l'entreprise, Paris-IX (2000) Diplôme d'Etudes Comptables et financières/DECF (2000)
  • Sarah Djerid

    Avocat au Barreau de Paris
  • Madeleine Seeuws

    Avocat au Barreau de Paris
  • Sarah Jelin

    Avocat au Barreau de Paris depuis 2011
  • Sara Kauffmann

    Avocat au Barreau de Paris
  • Isabelle Rebhann

    Avocat au barreau de Paris
  • Cécile Martinségur

    Avocat au Barreau de Paris
  • Aurore Robert-Le Roux

    Avocat au Barreau de Paris depuis 2013
    Master II recherche Droit privé général, Paris-II (2010)
  • Florence Raab

    Avocat au Barreau de Paris depuis 1999
    DEA Droit de la propriété littéraire, artistique et industrielle, Paris-II (1997)
  • Leslye Benhamou

    Avocat au Barreau de Paris depuis 2015
    Master II Droit social et relations sociales dans l’entreprise, Paris XIII (2011)
  • Sophie Alcaraz

    Administration et RH
  • Paula Azoula

  • Sarra Belkhodja

    Secrétariat social et contentieux
  • Aurélie Le Gac

    Secrétariat corporate et contentieux
  • Bérénice de Cadolle

    Stagiaire Corporate

Spheres of competence

Our organisation is structured by spheres of competence within the various fields of the business law

Social litigation

We assist or represent our clients in their individual or collective litigation suits...

Corporate Law

We advise our clients on the formation of commercial companies or non-profit organisations...

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

We advise and assist our clients in the negotiation and realisation of complex merger and...

Private equity

We have built up specific expertise in terms of private equity, in response to the needs...

Tax law

Vinci Law Firm allows its clients to optimise the fiscal aspects of their projects, for...

Collective insolvency proceedings

Our firm has a highly-skilled team dedicated to the service of businesses facing...

Real estate law

Our firm has acquired a solid experience in the sector of real estate law, more...

Commercial leases

Vinci intervenes on behalf of their clients, businesses or private individuals, in the...

Contracts and civil liability

Our firm has a team of lawyers specialising in commercial law and civil law.

Individual labour relations

The labour legislation department of the firm assists its clients in the negotiation and...

Collective labour relations

The labour legislation team at Vinci comprises highly specialised lawyers who work...

Economic law

The economic law department of the firm provides a full range of advisory and litigation...

Criminal law and criminal corporate law

The firm has a team of lawyers experienced in criminal matters, in particular the...

Private individual and family law

The Vinci law firm has a team of lawyers with solid expertise, who intervene in terms of...

Industrial Property

Our firm has developed particular know-how in the management of brand portfolios and...

Literary and Artistic Copyright

Our firm has a team of lawyers specialising in Intellectual Property rights, with in-depth...