Economic law

The economic law department of the firm provides a full range of advisory and litigation services, in the domains of Competition law and Distribution law.

Essentially for assisting companies in drafting contracts, validating promotional offerings and in law suits.

Their expertise is adapted to the following sectors:

- Competition law

  • Legal monitoring of planned discounted sales operations
  • Validation and modification of promotional offers in view of national and European community regulations (sale with premium, loss leader pricing, self-liquidators, etc.)
  • Counsel and commercial litigation in unfair competition/free riding
  • Counsel and commercial litigation in matters of sudden breach of established commercial relations/abuse of dominant position

- Commercial relations

  • Drafting of General Terms of sale
  • Drafting of distribution/supply contracts
  • Drafting of Sales Representative contracts
  • Drafting of Business Getter contracts
  • Drafting of franchise agreements
  • Commercial litigation in cases of breach of relations with distributor, sales agent, business getter
  • Arbitration.